Pro-Active were back in China again at the end of last year to produce social media and highlights coverage of the debut of Air Race 1, the multi-aircraft pylon racing series which is rapidly gaining popularity in Asia - previously two races in Thailand have witnessed sellout crowds.

The series founder Jeff Zaltman is now busy working on a sister format, Air Race E, which has now attracted headline sponsiorship from Airbus - the French company will work alongside other Air Race E partners, including the University of Nottingham, currently developing a prototype race airplane powered by an integrated electric motor, battery, and power electronics system. The plane will help shape the model and rules for the inaugural Air Race E race in 2020.

Shanghai BiHai Jinsha Water Park was again the venue for this international Cable driven Wakeboard and Jump event which attracted athletes from 29 countries. 

Pro-Active post-produced highlights coverage for international distribution.