The first-ever pylon race in the history of Asia was a resounding success! U-Tapao Airport in Thailand proved to be a perfect location to host the race and plenty of ultra-exciting air racing was enjoyed by thousands of fans and some of the country’s most influential dignitaries.

Pro-Active's crew worked in conjunction with a local OB to produce promo edits for social media and an extended news feature for our own magazine show, Sports Unlimited.

Justin Phillipson of No Strings Attached (Race 79) was the overall winner of this historic race, winning in the pivotal race of the weekend by just six one hundredths of a second ahead of Phillip Goforth of Knotty Girl (Race 69) in a photo finish that kept everyone guessing until the referees confirmed.

This event was a test event to demonstrate the sport to the Thai people and to ensure that the facilities and professional expertise will be in place for next year’s Air Race 1 World Cup at the same venue.